How to Create Stunning Marketing Videos in Minutes with Video Lead Studio

How to Create Stunning Marketing Videos in just a few Minutes using Video Lead Studio

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Hello my name Is Adrian and I have been in the video marketing niche for over 5 Years now.

Few Weeks back I got a the beta version of Video Lead Studio and I decided to make a Review and not only that but also teach you how I easily created tons of video in matter of minutes using Video Lead Studio created by Alex Costan, Vlad and Stoica.


Truth is I personally know Vlad and Stoica and I had been using their software for years now and I can honestly state that their support for all the software developed are top notch, besides this they only deliver TOP QUALITY Software that really works in my marketing campaigns and brings six figures every month on autopilot

How I make money using Video Lead Studio.

Now guys this is the simplest way you can start making money from videos that you can create in minutes. There is no need of technical video skills , Video Lead Studio have you covered.

Here is how Video Lead Studio Works:

You will have this 3 main sections you work with;

Intro video (GreenScreen Actors presenting the video that will come )

Original Video(Your original or Vendors CPA Video, Clickbank video, JVZoo Videos)

Outro Video(The Actor selected to make sure people actualy check the description bellow and have a good CTA)

Here is the section where you palce a hired actor to prompt for you regarding the product you will promote and this actors are tailored to get you the best CTA it works in various niches which are covered bellow.


The software is very simple to use and very powerful and here is why:

  • They already have a great database with Actors presenting the intro video and the outro video.
  • The Actors available are specialy tailored to work with any CPA Offer, Clickbank Product,Affiliate, Amazon, JVZoo Products and much more.
  • You can select a custom background for the actors because they are all filmed on green screen.
  • You can also select video background for the actors to be placed on
  • You can select actors from various niches such as Health, CPA, Clickbank, Forex, Trading and much more.
  • Video Lead Studio also offers you the possibility to import your own hired actors to fit perfectly with your product.
  • You can import your original video file to software and it will get rendered in the final composition.
  • Increase CTR and CTA on your videos using Outro Videos. This is a grat function that Video Lead Studio has to offer.
  • You can render video at 720p and upload it to all video websites.

Check out the following Video and see how easy it is to create videos using Video Lead Studio:

This Software could generate great amounts of cash just by downloading some great videos from various products and generate you great content that users will love and take action right away.

If you want to start making some real money online that this is the simplest yet the most effective way to do video marketing and have great success doing it.

You will never have to hire another third party to create video content for you and pay them every time they do it. Get Video Lead Studio and you will see exactly the RAW POWER of this amazing software.

It already saved me a lot of time from my video creation tasks and money  for actors. They provide it all!





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